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USC MissingLink
07-03-02, 01:20 PM
Net Benefits has obtained server-space at net-benefits.net which means I won't have to host pictures on my USC account anymore. There may be a short transition period of 1-3 days during which image URL's are messed up, and also the link www.net-benefits.net may not properly forward the this ezboard. I recommend bookmarking the actual ezboard address for the time being. I'll start on this upgrade sometime over the next few days.

USC MissingLink
07-03-02, 03:10 PM
please do me a quick beta-testing favor:

copy and paste the following URL into your address bar and tell me if it doesn't forward you to Net Benefits. If it doesn't forward you, tell me what browser you are using and on what Operating System.



07-03-02, 03:25 PM
I am using IE6.0 (I think) and it forwarded me to NB.